Shortlands Bathroom Extractor Fan Fitting Service

Shortlands Bathroom Extractor Fan Fitting Service call me on 07849595795 We fit all sorts of fans in bathroom bedrooms & kitchens ETC. why not get your free price from me.

Throughout your whole house, the bathroom is typically the most humid room in the house with extra moisture and damp swirling around with showers and baths building up excessive moisture in the air, resulting in condensation on any cold surfaces, leaving the room damp and damaged.

If your bathroom is not ventilated properly, it will never fully dry out and eventually lead to severe damp problems including mould, mildew and rot in the walls and flooring.

By installing an extractor fan, you can get to work on quickly removing excess moisture in the air and vent it outside, mitigating any possible damp related problems. 07849595795