Costs of installing an electric shower


If you are simply purchasing a new electric shower and swapping out your current shower then you are looking to pay around £199-£269. If, however, your home is extremely old or requires upgrades to plumbing, this is where the cost of labour will increase. If you have to upgrade your electrics or pipework then it can cost a lot more to change. It will cost between £369-£479 if you have to upgrade your current pipes and electrics. We offer a free Quote so why not call me on 07849595795


If it is as simple as replacing an old system and installing a new one then it is a simple job and shouldn’t cost too much. Once you’ve asked us, it is important to contact me to discuss duration of the project which shouldn’t exceed 1 day in most cases even with complex wiring or plumbing work. It is also important that you request documentation for upgrades done to show the new shower is in compliance with local wiring and plumbing codes.thanks for reading and look forward to working for you soon.