Penge Eicr Electrical Testing

Penge Eicr Electrical Testing, Scott will come to your home or work place and see what is up and then give you a price, if happy with it we will start on it so you can get on with your day. 07849595795.

Typical issues are tripping RCD’s which are extremely sensitive and will trip out with only a slight fault. Some more difficult issues can be current leaking into the negative conductor within a circuit, these can be more difficult to identify and correct. In any case we will always find and correct any issue. 07849595795.

We produce our Eicr Electrical Testing inspection certificates electronically in our office. So, as the information flows back from the engineers our Qualifying Supervisor takes over. He checks the information, results, defect analysis and prepares the certification. The certification is then provided to the client along with any recommendations.