Home Buying & Selling Electrical Test 2021

If your buying a New home in London Bromley area or selling one then getting a electrical test makes a good start for people so they know that its all safe and not need doing so why not call us and book your EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) prices from £149 for a full house report 07849-595-795

It is recommended to carry out an electrical safety check either before buying a house or before selling one. It is not a legal requirement for private owners to do this, but mortgage and insurance companies are becoming more aware of the importance of using electrical safety checks at a change of occupancy. An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) will provide you with the information required to make informed decisions regarding any potential work required on the property. It can be used to aid negotiations on price too, so any works identified could be accounted for in the offer put on the property, potentially saving you thousands 07849-595-795

There is no law forcing you to test the electrical system, however it could be a massive expense if you move in and find our it needs re-wiring. I have found a lot of buyers now putting an electrical inspection in part of the terms and conditions of buying the property. If you are selling your house, it may give your buyer a little more confidence to buy, knowing the electrics do not need any major works. 07849-595-795

I could not recommend this highly enough. It is costly & stressful enough purchasing a property without finding out too late that it may need a full or partial rewire. A large domestic property we inspected had such a poor electrical installation that it required around £2700 of remedial works & upgrades. Fortunately, the buyer had the EICR pre-purchase and managed to get the purchase price reduced by the said amount. 07849-595-795