NICEIC-Electrical Approved

Chislehurst Eicr Electrical Testing

Chislehurst Eicr Electrical Testing

Scott’s Electrician & Electrical Service Chislehurst area. Why not call today for your Quote. 07849-595-795 Our team of highly skilled Builders and NICEIC-registered tradesmen have over 30 years of experience. So if you need a EICR Electrical Testing in Chislehurst done in you home call us and we can do same day service, An EICR, or electrical inspection report, is a vital part of any building maintenance, Area’s We cover Chislehurst, Penge, Sydenham. 07849-595-795

Finding an electrical fault is arguably a process of elimination, we have to question why something has happened, how has it happened, when did it happen and what has changed?

After we’ve processed the questions necessary, we will inspect the area to find signs of wear and tear, and look for other issues such as mechanical damage, signs of overheating, corrosion, burning or if there are any out of the ordinary noises.

Sometimes the process isn’t as simplistic as a visual check and some electrical testing will be essential, this is no problem for the team but can sometimes be a more time consuming process, nevertheless a necessary one. Once the problem has been identified the team will undertake the task to sort it to an above satisfactory standard.

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